10 Super- Awesome Decluttering Hacks for Summer 2021(Part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of our blog post on summer decluttering hacks. If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

Let’s continue!

  1. Do an inventory of your kids’ toys.
  2. Organize your printed photos.
  3. Do an inventory of all your summer outdoor accessories.
  4. Get the whole family involved.
  5. Self-care is very important.

6. Do an inventory of your kids’ toys.

Toys help kids develop their fine and gross motor skills and nurture their creativity and imagination. But, if your kids have too many toys they won’t have the time or attention to play with something fully. Look for duplicates, broken toys, toys with missing pieces, and toys your kids rarely play with and get rid of them.  This is a great summer decluttering hack.

Other steps you can take :

  • In our article “7 Tips to keep kids Active and happy” we mentioned that it’s important for kids to get active, outside time every day. What better time to do this than now! Put away some of the indoor toys and bring out the outdoor toys from storage. Create a designated play area in your backyard where your children can play with their toys and enjoy the warm outdoor weather.
  • Take up the opportunity to teach your younger kids on how to properly care for their outdoor toys. Find stackable and colorful storage bins that don’t have lids or latches and are lightweight. Place them in an easily accessible place and teach your kids to return their toys to the bin after they are done playing with them. You can also create a “mini parking lot’ with colored masking tape in a section of your garage. Your kid will enjoy matching larger items, like their bike, with its parking spot.

7. Organize your printed photos.

Photo albums have really helped our family cope during the COVID-19 crisis. We cherish our family photo books now more than ever before. Here are some tips to help you organize and store your printed photos so you can easily revisit those memories whenever you please.  

  • It may be tempting to leave printed photos in the envelopes you receive them in. However, such envelopes aren’t meant to store photos for an extended time. Plastic pages, bags, and boxes that aren’t acid-free might release harmful vapors that permanently damage photos. So if you’re intent on using envelopes, make sure you get the right kind. You can buy archival storage boxes online on Amazon.
  • Albums or binders with acid-free plastic sleeves are a great way to organize your photos. Invest in a couple of photo albums and photo boxes. This will make it easy to organize and store your photos over the years.
  • Temperature, humidity, and light can all affect your photos. For example, photographs can become stuck to the glass in a frame if humidity is an issue. Store photos and photo albums away from sunlight in a cool, dry area. Avoid storing photos in basements or attics, where temperatures and humidity fluctuate. It’s best to hang framed photos on a wall that won’t get the direct sunlight.
  • Have your printed photos scanned and share with family members.
  • Order a professionally designed photo album using scanned images of your favorite family memories combined with your current digital photos that will last a lifetime. Learn more here.

8. Do an inventory of all your summer outdoor accessories.

  • Have a couple of grab n’ go tote bags and store regular summer outdoor accessories in them. Think sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and water bottles. When your family is headed out for an outdoor activity, you won’t have to go searching. 
  • Speaking of sunscreen, make sure what you have from last year hasn’t expired or separated. 
  • Pool accessories like floats, goggles and diving toys- Figure out what is still in good shape, give away anything extra, and get rid of what’s broken.


9. Get the whole family involved.

  • It’s common for one partner to be resistant toward some efforts to declutter the home, especially their own spaces. It’s important to appreciate that it might take some time to get them fully on board. In the meantime, lead by example and declutter your own spaces. When your partner or children see your progress, they will be a lot more willing to get on board.
  • When preparing snacks, consider getting the kids involved. Show them how to organize their snacks in a designated snack space in your fridge or pantry. This means when hunger strikes they can easily access their snacks on their own. Also, they know where to return everything once they are done.
  • Set aside a special area in your home for items you want to donate. It can be a box, shelf, or a small closet. Throughout the summer, encourage each member of your family to place items in the donation areas as they come across them.

10. Self-care is very important.

Though not necessarily a summer decluttering hack, it’s essential to make time for yourself. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and give up on your goals.

Take some time this summer to take care of yourself, even if you just get a few minutes in the evening after everyone is in bed. Plan a video chat with a friend or read your favorite book. 

Happy decluttering!


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