10 Memorable Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Family

Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples. You can also spend this day celebrating with your kids regardless of their ages! Who doesn’t need a little holiday distraction from this dreary winter? With a bit of creativity and thoughtfulness, you can make it into a celebration for your entire family.

1. Write a love letter 

Instead of a simple “I love you,” why not write a letter instead, sharing how much you love each of your kiddos and all the reasons why you are proud of them. This is great for all ages. Even teens and college-aged kids will appreciate the heartfelt gift. Kids can also take time to write a sweet note for each parent. family activity

2. Have a movie night

This idea is perfect for kids of all ages – the littles on up through college-aged and beyond. Or, make it a date night or Galentine’s celebration. If it’s been a while since you hosted a family movie night, Valentine’s weekend might just be the excuse you needed.

Make some popcorn, pick up some movie size candy, grab a cozy blanket and cuddle up on the couch to watch a sweet, family-friendly love flick that the whole family can enjoy. For the younger set…Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp’s Adventure and Princess Diaries are just a couple to get you started. With older children and teens, let them choose a movie they’ve been wanting to see!


3. Try out one or two Valentine’s Day recipes

If’s forecast is accurate, we’re in for a Polar Plunge this weekend. The cold is my Kryptonite, so I don’t know about you, but I’ll be weathering out the plunging temps at home…? Seems to me the perfect time to finally check off a couple of dishes on my never-ending, recipes-to-try list. Need some ideas for a Valentine’s Day main course or dessert? Here’s a list with 50 different Valentine’s day recipes to give you some inspiration. Cooking photos are great for day-in-the-life snapshots. Be sure to take pictures for your annual family yearbook or album. Valentines-day-crafts-for-kid

4. Make DIY string decorations

Valentine’s Day is a great time to let your little ones have fun with a simple art & crafts project. From heart-shaped paper cutouts, DIY valentine cards to string hearts, all you need is a few supplies you likely have at home and a few ideas for a fun-filled day for the whole family. 

5. Share a love story

Consider reading Valentine’s-themed children’s books from the library or share our own story of how you met your Valentine or your favorite tradition growing up. 

6. Create a memory time capsule

A shoebox or photo box is all you need for this one. Encourage family members to write a favorite memory down or contribute other sorts of memorabilia to be stored in the box of memories. Spend time together over Valentine’s Day going through the box and discussing some of the best times you have shared as a family. Years down the line, kids and adults will love going through their favorite memories from when they were younger.

7. Document the holiday with a photoshoot

Snapshots of your kids playing in indoors or outside, baking in the kitchen or any other family activity we’re discussing here will help them remember the fun well after Valentine’s Day. Every parent wants to take stunning, print-worthy pictures, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way—the lighting isn’t quite right, the photo is out of focus, and sometimes, your toddler just isn’t in the mood. That’s why we created the ultimate resource for parents who are tired of begging and bribing their children just to get a good photo. Download it for free by clicking on the link.

8. Brighten someone else’s Valentine’s Day 

Helping others encourages your children to embrace gratitude and build empathy. Try making homemade cookies for your neighbors or dropping off baked goods to a local charity. In my post, Inspiring Volunteering Ideas for Kids and Teens in 2021, I talked about how parents, due to the pandemic, have had to get creative while engaging their kids in volunteering projects safely. 

9. Take an online class

There’s no shortage of family-friendly classes you can take with your kids online these days. Learning something new together is a great way to help your children get in touch with their creative sides while also tapping into yours.  From classes that let you try new cooking techniques to yoga or dance lessons, you’re bound to share more than a few sweet memories. valentines-candle-lit-dinner

10. Host a candlelit dinner

Pull out all the stops and plan a “formal” dinner at home for your family. Make sure to have everyone dress up for the occasion! The best part of a candlelit dinner is that every food looks fancy, whether it’s pizza, takeout or a long-time, family favorite.

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