3 Reasons Why Our Family Yearbook is the Best Album for Busy Parents

Why “Our Family Yearbook?”

Living in this digital era, it is easy to forget the feeling of looking through photo albums with loved ones and reminiscing on past moments, stories, and experiences. Between running my business and keeping up with four kids, even I am tempted to rely on my phone to capture every memory we make. 

But seeing my children set aside their smartphones to enthusiastically dive into our family yearbooks during the COVID-19 pandemic period has reminded me why these family photo books matter so much. 

Here are just a few reasons why creating a family yearbook benefit every member of the family.

We just love seeing our customers sharing (and raving) about their new books!

Posted by Our Family Yearbook on Friday, June 19, 2020

My third child loves to look at photos of himself. They are all on my phone. In fact, there are over 10.000 photos! So what Shana did is take photos off my phone and make me a gorgeous bound book of my son’s life. I am so incredibly excited!

1. Get great results with little effort

This is one of the best features of our family yearbook services – its simplicity!

With a monthly membership fee of $48 and 10-15 minutes of your time every month, all you have to do is gather your 10+ photos for the month and send them us via text or email. It might take you even less time!

Are your favorite photos on your phone? Are you concerned about the quality? That’s okay! You can send them to us as-is, and we will edit them. We appreciate that some of our most treasured moments in life are captured with our smartphones.

2. There is something for everyone

Do you want a yearbook highlighting your favorite vacation? Or a family yearbook of your kid’s first year in school? Or a culmination of your children’s birthdays or graduations?

All your favorite memories count and deserve to be preserved in a beautiful family yearbook.

Maybe you love our family yearbooks so much that you want a duplicate album to send to a loved one, for example, a grandparent. 

I’ve got you covered for all your family yearbook related needs because I know the struggle myself, and I wish I had someone do this for me. This is a great gift for any busy parent.

grandparents photo album

3. Our family yearbook are premium and custom-crafted

I have some clients come to me after being disappointed by generic mass-manufactured yearbooks.

A lot of care and detail goes into every yearbook we create. Our goal is to always deliver a unique and professionally designed custom album with gorgeous pages that you and your family will treasure for years to come.

Interested? Click here. Looking forward to creating a beautiful family yearbook for your family.


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