8 Types of Photos Perfect for Your Family Yearbook

An annual family yearbook allows you to recap some of your family’s favorite moments and memories in the past one year. Are you wondering which photos to include in your family yearbook? The great thing about a photo book is that it can be about anything. Every year is filled with different activities and milestones that you mark and celebrate with your loved ones. Below are eight types of photos you can incorporate into your family yearbook.

Graduation Photos 

If one or several family members graduated, you could include some of their favorite photos in the yearbook. Include the ceremony as well as graduation celebration photos with friends, teachers, or family members.

Everyday Moments with Your Kids Pictures

Every moment spent with our children is precious. Remember, not only picture-perfect moments should find their way into your family yearbook. Sometimes the tantrums, the silly faces, the messy hair, and the photobombs will end up being your favorites. These can be a unique gift for college students to take with them on their new journey away from home.

Family Vacation Shots

Whether it’s a fun staycation, weekend getaway, or a trip to an exotic destination, family vacations are always filled with timeless memories. Preserve your children’s memories by adding them to your family yearbook.

Individual Accomplishments Photos

Family yearbooks offer an excellent opportunity to highlight what each family member accomplished that year. Maybe your baby took her first step or your child lost a tooth or even started driving; all of these milestones deserve a spot in the yearbook.

Mother’s Day or Father’s Day Photos

Parenthood is a beautiful commitment to be honored and celebrated. Maybe your kids or spouse planned a surprise for you during Father’s or Mother’s Day. Maybe you even planned something special for yourself. It’s very likely you have photos on your phone that you took on this special occasion. These can be a great addition to your annual family yearbook.

First Day of School Pictures

In our post:10 Tips for Taking Memorable Back-to-School Photos, we talked about the importance of preserving family traditions like taking first day of school photos. Maybe it’s your little one’s first day of preschool or elementary school, these photos of a special milestone are a must-have for your family yearbook.

Birthday and Anniversary Photos

Are you celebrating your child’s birthday or your wedding anniversary soon? Maybe it has already passed. These yearly milestones mark the start of a new chapter in our lives. Add fun photos of your children’s birthday parties and your anniversary celebrations. 

Holiday Pictures

From Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah to Thanksgiving Day, I bet your family has several holidays they look forward to each year. On top of holiday-specific traditions that make great photography opportunities, this time spent with family can be remembered and cherished when added to your yearbook. 

Final Thoughts

Check out our family yearbook service today. Every year you build new memories with your family that you’ll want to remember forever. A photo album will ensure your pictures are cherished for years to come, and it’s so easy. We’ll do the design work and printing, and all you have to do is send 10 snapshots from your phone each month.  

Our family yearbooks also make great gifts for moms, dads, and grandparents. The best part about our family yearbook is that you don’t need photos taken by a professional photographer. Photos you take with your smartphone will work just fine. We’ll even edit the images to give your yearbook a more cohesive look.

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