6 Amazing Single Parent Family Picture Ideas

Whether it’s a professional photoshoot or you just want to take amazing photos of your family with your phone, here are six ideas to help you enjoy the beautiful memories you’re creating.

1. Use the self-timer mode on your phone

The timer on your phone is perfect for making sure everyone is in the family photo. Also, you don’t have to worry about unsteady hands holding the phone which often causes blurry shots. All you have to do is, first place the phone on any stable surface, then set the timer, pose, and wait for the camera to click. To use this feature on iPhone, open the Camera app, tap on the timer icon and choose between a 3-second timer or a 10-second one. Some settings will differ based on the iPhone model you have. Lastly, don’t forget to leave enough space for yourself to jump in the photo’s frame before the timer reaches zero.

2. Don’t choose matching outfits—instead, coordinate colors.

Deciding on family photo outfits to wear can be the most stressful part of preparing for a photo session. After all, these are photos you will hang on your walls and cherish for years to come. 

To simplify the process, I encourage parents to choose coordinating colors, not matching ones. Start off by selecting a color scheme that works well with your decor. Choose three hues that complement each other and allow you to achieve a less cookie-cutter look across all family members. This way, you can accomplish a cohesive look without every family member wearing the exact same outfit. Still not sure how to select the outfits? Pinterest is a great place to get ideas.

3. Make a special family photo album.

Due to all that’s going on in the world, most of us aren’t seeing family as often as we would like. It might just be the perfect time to consider putting together a family yearbook and sharing with family as a way to stay connected. 

If you have ever tried to DIY a photo album, you know how stressful that can get. There’s nothing worse than putting in the effort to gather up your photos and then have the album fall apart or the quality of the printing disappoint, two common issues with mass-produced photo albums. That’s why I created the family yearbook membership. In less than 5 minutes every month, the service includes a professionally designed and printed album at the end of the year. Plus, it’s the perfect way to end digital overwhelm for good. 

4. Think of an activity you enjoy that you can incorporate.

Maybe reading is one of your family’s favorite activities or you share a love of cooking. Use this as an opportunity to remind your children of the things they loved growing up. 

master the selfie

5. Master the selfie

Selfies were once thought of as a fad for teens and tweens, but they have become a fun way to capture family moments. That being said, many of us can admit that mastering the art of taking a selfie is no easy feat. Here are a few tips to help you along:

  • Hold the camera/phone at arm’s length and ensure the person taking the photo is at the center with everyone else crowding around.
  • To avoid ending up with unflattering shots, always take selfies with the camera at or above everyone’s head level looking down – never below the chin looking up.
  • Always take a few shots in a row just in case someone blinks.
  • Choose a shaded spot for softer lighting or position yourself with the sun behind you.
  • Don’t wait for the perfect moment because it might never come. Snap away and take tons of family selfies.

6. Be sure to print and frame your favorites for the wall. 

One thing I have realized in my two decades as a photographer is the importance of photographs that you can physically reach out and touch. There’s just something so rewarding about showcasing our favorite people and relationships. 

  • Find old, unique frames at estate sales or antique stores.
  • Purchase a corkboard or fabric display board with ribbons to hang in your home. When you get tired of the images you’ve displayed, you can easily switch it up.

We have an entire post on the science and psychology behind why having physical photos is so important for both parents and children. You can read it here.

The author is an award-winning family photographer based in St Louis. You can contact her or check out her photography website here.

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