6 Fun Summer Staycation Ideas for Kids (Without Leaving Home)

So many of us have canceled summer vacations because of COVID-19. Social distancing and shelter in place restrictions have made many of the typical summer activities more challenging or even impossible. 

But it’s not all doom and gloom. There is no reason why your kids can’t have a fun and memorable family staycation, all in the comfort of your home. Today we will cover 6 fun staycation ideas for kids. The first three will highlight indoor activities while the rest will focus on backyard activities. These will provide your kids with a sense of adventure close to home if your family can’t travel this summer.

Indoor staycation ideas

Backyard staycation ideas

Final Thoughts

Indoor Staycation Ideas

Have fun in the kitchen 

Do you have young chefs who love to cook and bake things? Or maybe you’ve been trying to get your kids more interested in eating healthy foods? This is a great time to involve them more in the kitchen and also chase away the boredom. It’s time to get creative. The goal is to make time in the kitchen as fun and kid-friendly as possible. Need some ideas? Read on:

  1. Give them a chance to choose. Let your children decide what they would like to cook. Encourage them to try out new recipes. You might have to do a little research to identify what they’ve picked or how to cook it. But that’s what makes it a fun and interactive activity.
  2. Make summer snacks like fruit popsicles and fruit kebabs. The options are limitless.
  3. Have some fun with your kids. Make some funny foodie faces on those pancakes or make fruit necklaces. I guarantee the kids will enjoy it!


Fun, old-school kids games 

Remember all those school games we used to play as kids. Those games stood the test of time long before we played them, and now it’s our children’s turn to enjoy some good old retro fun and classic games! The best thing is they can play any of these games indoors.

  1. Four square. All you need is a ball and some tape and make a spot in the basement (you can also take this one outside using sidewalk chalk). 
  2. Tic Tac Toe. Don’t limit yourselves to paper and pen. You can draw the lines on a board and use colored rocks instead.
  3. Charades- an outrageously fun and hilarious game for you and your kids! 


Photoshoot at home

Photography provides kids with a fun opportunity to express their creativity. Find inspiration for creating beautiful photos indoors with the following tips:

  1. Shoot near the door or windows to use as much natural light as possible. Get creative, play with the light and shadows. You can use a light-catching backdrop. Ideally, a brighter room or wall.
  2. In our Fourth of July post (Summer Photography Projects for Kids) we mentioned how DIY photo booth props are a fantastic way to spice up your summer photos.
  3. Another great idea is photographing kids doing all the activities we’re discussing here. Candids of your kids playing outside, cooking in the kitchen or any other family activity will help them remember the fun well after we’re past the pandemic.


Backyard Staycation ideas

Backyard camping

Sleeping in tents doesn’t have to be an experience that’s exclusive to a campground. 

A few pointers to ensure a safe and fun backyard camp out:

  1. Prepare beforehand, and have all the essential supplies ready. These include a simple pop-up tent, sleeping bags or bedrolls, a backpack, and flashlights. Also ensure the kids have everything they need from their pajamas, toys to snacks. You don’t want to have to dash back in the house every few minutes.
  2. Get the kids involved in the planning and setup. The older kids can help set up the tent while the younger ones move items like pillows into the tent.
  3. Make sure it’s comfortable for everyone. Ensure you have enough portable lighting or flashlights, bug spray, and blankets for warmth. You can even bring in an air mattress for extra comfort. 
  4. Have fun activities planned out for the kids. You can make a campfire and let the kids roast some s’mores or hotdogs in the fire pit. When the sun goes down, strike up a game of flashlight tag. If it’s a clear, starry night, throw down some pillows and cozy up together to look at the stars. 

Play outdoor yard games

It’s summer! Enjoy some outdoor time with your kids with the following ideas.

  1. If it’s a sweltering day and your family doesn’t have a pool, try a sprinkler or water balloons.
  2. Make DIY outdoor play areas based on your child’s interests.
  •  Play twister on the lawn. Cut a 10-inch circle out of a pizza box and use it as your template. Make the circles using contractors’ marking spray paint (that washes off.) 
  • Draw a hopscotch design on asphalt or concrete.
  • There are many fun scavenger hunt activities the kids can try out. Examples include photography scavenger hunts, backyard treasure hunts, and flashlight scavenger hunt if you are backyard camping.

DIY family backyard projects

Staying close to home this summer has provided an opportunity to work on new backyard projects. Safely include your kids in the projects, and they will have fun all summer long as they gain new skills.

  1.  Explore different gardening and landscape projects together. 
  2. Need extra seating for your patio, garden, or around your firepit? Or maybe you want to spruce up your backyard decor? With a little research and preparation, you can come with some DIY projects that you can involve your kids in. This post from BHG.com provides over 20 budget-friendly backyard ideas.

Final Thoughts

Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, as parents, we want to ensure our kids are happy and healthy. I hope these ideas have inspired you to have a fun staycation with your kids this summer. Be sure to take lots of pictures! 

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