8 Excellent Tips For Decluttering Your Home This Fall

As we approach the fall season, there’s a lot to clean before we hunker down for the colder months. After all, we deserve to have a neat space before we start spending more of our time indoors. These 8 easy and practical tips will get you started.

Let Go of that Expired Sunscreen

Sadly it might be time to do away with part of your extensive sunscreen collection. Does sunscreen expire? Yes, it does! Most sunscreen expires after three years, even unopened bottles. Also, heat can make sunscreen less effective before the expiration date, so it’s best to toss your SPF in the recycling bin after a year. I’ve started dating ours in Sharpie to help me keep track.

Organize your kitchen

With kids getting into a routine, organizing your kitchen will help put you and your family at ease because you will know where everything is!

Start by getting rid of clutter. If it’s possible, store small appliances in your cabinets. This will free your countertops, creating more space for homework and cooking. Don’t shy away from accessorizing your kitchen! Make it fun to stay organized. You might consider bright colored notes for your fridge. The kitchen always ends up being a place where you spend a lot of time, so it’s a great place for reminders and to-do lists.


Take an Inventory of your Summer Outfits

In our summer decluttering series, we shared a couple of tips on decluttering and organizing your closet. Fall is almost here, and we are back at it! There are so many benefits to having an organized and tidy closet.

Take an inventory of your summer outfits, and donate anything that never saw the light of day this summer. There’s a reason you never put them on — and odds are they’ll go unworn next summer too — so why waste your valuable closet space?


Organize your Family and Vacation Photos

Do you have a box full of family photos waiting to be displayed in a photo album? Are all those summer vacation photos mixed up in a desktop folder? There’s no better time than now to do it. Your family will appreciate your efforts to keep your family memories alive and organized! As you do that, take a moment also to check out our family yearbook membership. We offer the best way to preserve precious family memories without the hassle.

Tidy up and organize the guest room

Is anyone else guilty of letting the guest bed bear the brunt of all the clutter in our homes? Don’t wait until right before Thanksgiving or Christmas to organize your guest space. No one needs more things to do around the holidays. 

Declutter your Home Office Supplies

Do you have office supplies stashed everywhere? Gather all of them in one spot for a quick inventory. This will help you quickly tell if you have too much of one type of anything. The next step will be to throw away anything that no longer works or is broken.

If you have extra supplies that you cannot use within the next year, consider donating them. Check if there are any local organizations or schools that can provide those supplies to students in need. Try out alternative solutions to reduce clutter in your home office going forward. 


Recycle any Online Shopping Packages Lying Around

You’ve probably been doing more online shopping than usual this past summer. As a result, you have numerous product packages lying around your house. It’s time to get rid of and recycle all those boxes, bubble envelopes and bags. Most of this can be recycled through curbside recycling programs. But it’s always a good idea to first check out the guidelines offered on Amazon and other online retailers.

Declutter your Summer Gardening Supplies

It’s normal to end up with a messy yard after a full-blown summer gardening project. But now is a great time to clean up the mess and free up the precious space. Also, get rid of any broken tools you reasonably know you can’t or won’t repair.

Final Thoughts

Organizing and cleaning our homes takes time and effort, no matter the season of the year. Be patient with yourself, and try not to be overwhelmed. Work in small batches so you can see what you’re accomplishing. That will help you to stay motivated and keep on with the tasks until they’re done.

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