10 Must-Know Tips For Capturing Awesome Family Photos this Fall

Taking family photos is such a fun tradition for so many families during the fall season. Beautiful leaf piles, the return of sports, and trips to the pumpkin patch can make any parent shutter-happy and anxious to take some adorable fall photos of their little ones. So what is the best way to take advantage of the colorful falling leaves and capture the magic of the season? Here are 10 tips for capturing awesome family photos this fall.

Get the outfits right

The outfits are always an essential part of fall family photos. But how do you pick out the right outfit? First, if you can, avoid any colors that don’t look like they fit the season. For family portraits, timeless outfits will look beautiful in photos for years to come. Generally clothing that is simple and allows the subject to be the focus is a great start. 

Have fun with your kids

Do you want amazing photos? Try to slow down and see what grabs your child’s interest, and make it fun. Also, pick the time of day when your kids are happiest (and not hungry) and head out for pictures at that time. Remember happy kids = happy photos.


Scout your location

Scouting your spot beforehand can be really helpful. If you find an ideal location for your family photos, don’t wait too long. You can look out your window and see amazing fall foliage today, but depending on the weather, it could literally almost all be gone by tomorrow.

Shoot from above

Fall is a great time to experiment and try new angles. You can incorporate your child into the picture by having them lie down on the ground. You can then take photos standing above them with the vibrant foliage all around them. You can also climb a ladder, chair, or stand on top of whatever is available for an even more surprising perspective.

Maximize on the vibrancy of fall’s colors

From fresh, bright orange pumpkins to fiery changing leaves, Fall is so vibrant with different colors. If you have apple orchards or sunflower fields nearby, enjoy exploring them with your family and capture some fantastic storytelling photos of your adventure.

sunflower field visit during fall

Get creative with the leaves

If there’s one thing we associate with autumn, it’s leaves. Find creative ways to incorporate them into your family pictures. You can have your kids crumble dried leaves and blow them towards the camera like glitter as you snap away. Or have them toss them up in the hair. You can ask your child to playfully hide her face behind the biggest leaf she can find.


Scour Pinterest looking for inspiration

Struggling to come up with fresh ideas for awesome fall family pictures. Head over to Pinterest for inspiration where you can easily find all sorts of awesome ideas for fall photo outfits and photo poses. 

Use nature’s frames

As tree branches become less dense, take the opportunity to find little ‘windows’ between the branches and remaining leaves, and take photos of your children through these nature’s frames.

fall pictures with nature's frame

Keep close tabs on the sun

Unlike the changes in leaves, the location of the sun is more predictable. But it can be easy to miss out on those precious golden hour minutes with days getting shorter and the sunset moving ever earlier. Take a moment to check online for the time when the sun will set. Then head outside with your kids an hour or two before the sun sets.

Capture candid photos

While fall photos are closely associated with the transition in leaves, the main subject is always your loved ones. Have your phone or camera on standby to capture those spur of the moment photos of your friends and family. Maybe your kids are chasing each other or jumping in the leaf piles in your backyard or at the park; capture these moments. You will cherish them for years to come.

Final thoughts

These are only ten of all the amazing tips for fall family photos. There are so many more out there. Feel free to share some of your own fun and creative fall photography tips. 

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